Sunday, 21 December 2008


Lerwick Port Authority (LPA) announced this week future plans for the progression of facilites in the towns harbour. Top of the list is a new quay situated at Mair's Yard north of Holmsgarth which has been earmarked as the preferred site for the new fish market. This new building will replace the current market which has become to small to handle the recent upturn in Whitefish landings.

Other work due is the replacement of wooden decking in the small boat harbour, along with a refurbishment of the exsisting sea wall there. Once completed the new improved and larger decking will enhance safety in the area, alongside the new look promenade.

LPA's other capital projects planned for the future include:

(1) Construction of a possible deep water town centre berth once the fishmarket is relocated.
(2) Replacing the current LPA tug Kebister with a new build.
(3) Refurbishment of the Arlanda/Gremista quay.

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