Monday, 18 July 2011

Sea Shepherd in Lerwick

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Over the past week Sea Shepherd Consevation Society's lead vessel Steve Irwin has been berthed at Holmsgarth preparing for her next campaign.

The vessel which used to ply the waters around the north of Scotland as the fisheries protection vessel Westra, is en route to the Faroe Islands to try and observe and intervene regarding the Faroese practice called the grind, which involes the slaughter of pilot whales, a local tradition.

The planned departure on Saturday however was delayed by the serving of a writ against Sea Shepherd by a tuna fishery company which had their nets cut by the campaigners earlier in the year. Lawyers for Sea Shepherd are trying to obtain a release for the vessel which is hoped for today.

The arrival on Shetland of the Sea Shepherd ship has divided the local community with some supporters openly supporting the crew with donations of food during their stay, whilst others wish the vessel had been turned away from port.

The Steve Irwin expects to use Lerwick as a base in the next few months, along with the organisations other ship the catamaran Bridgitte Bardot.

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