Saturday, 26 December 2015

Ships in Lerwick Harbour, 26th December 2015

GUIDING LIGHT LK84 - Fishing trawler.
ANTARCTIC II - Shetland pelagic trawler.
ADENIA - Shetland pelagic trawler.
SHARYN LOUISE LK250 - Fishing trawler.
RESEARCH - Shetland pelagic trawler.
STADT TERRIER - Work boat.
OPPORTUNE LK209 - Fishing trawler.
ARDENT LK472 - Fishing trawler.
AVRELLA LK174 - Fishing trawler.
FAIRWAY II LK270 - Fishing trawler.
TRANQUILITY LK63 - Fishing trawler.
GRAMPIAN SURVEYOR - Offshore support vessel.
HELEN BURNIE - Work boat.
RONJA PIONEER - Live fish carrier.
PROLIFIC LK986 - Fishing trawler.
COPIOUS LK985 - Fishing trawler.
RUNE VIKING - Live fish carrier.
HROSSEY - Passenger ro-ro ferry. (SAILED 18:45 to Aberdeen)
GRAMPIAN OTTER - Standby safety vessel. (SAILED 20:15 to Murchison field)
SHANNON FISHER - Oil products tanker. (SAILED 09:40 to Immingham)
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